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First Listen: The Green – Land of Love

The world continues to suffer from prejudices and injustices. Each and every one of us deserves to be loved, not judged and treated equally. If we could all do our part to put more love into the world, the world would be a better place.  – Ikaika

O’ahu’s The Green is back with their fourth studio album, Marching Orders. The long anticipated follow up to their award-winning Hawai’i 13, this latest release takes the listener across a wide spectrum of reggae, pop, dancehall, and lovers rock. With the October 20 release date right around the corner, Rootifre is pleased to bring the first listen of “Land of Love” to the world.

“Land of Love” paints a story outlining the social discriminations humans place on each other, usually before the time has been taken to step back and consider the person beneath the stereotype. The chorus cries for a place where judgements are replaced with love and empathy.

Set against the current world backdrop of racism, fear, and exclusion, “Land of Love” offers sincere, punctuated lyrics which cut clear over ethereal backing vocals and steady drums and bass. In this deep cut, The Green marches the listener slow and steady through the energetic weight of 400 years of divisiveness, head held high, eyes set on the brighter future of tomorrow.

Marching Orders comes out October 20 on Easy Star RecordsPre-Order today.



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