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First Listen: The Black Seeds – Back To You

Nothing brings people together like the heat of the dance floor. The lights go down, the bass kicks up, and that funky beat comes in and takes control. Whether you’re a swayer, a bouncer, or a bust-a-mover, the dance floor is a place to express and release. The bond of the beat erases barriers and brings people together. Few international reggae acts have a knack for masterful live sets like New Zealand’s The Black Seeds. Dubbed “the best reggae band in the world right now” by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2011, The Black Seeds are an institution in modern reggae, and they’re back with their sixth studio album Fabric, out September 8 on Easy Star Records.

With a reputation for meshing a wide variety of groove-focused genres, from funk to afrobeat to soul, the Seeds layer it flawlessly over a foundation of dub reggae. And from what we’ve heard from Fabric so far, the formula is only getting stronger. From the soul reggae hit “Better Days,” to the straight up disco funk rager “Freakin’,” the dance floor is guaranteed to bounce to the tracks off Fabric. Today we’re cueing up the First Listen of Fabric’s new single “Back To You.”

“Back To You” is the perfect culmination of reggae and funk. Tightly executed drums teeter between syncopated cross-stick patterns and straight four-on-the-floor, while the constant skank of the guitar keeps that indisputably-island bounce. The Black Seeds stand out from other genre cross-pollinators, thick with attitude and authority. Whether a song speaks primarily soul, funk, disco, or reggae, the sound is distinctly The Black Seeds. The highly anticipated new record Fabric is on its way to proving that the New Zealand reggae veterans are continuing to heat up.

Music is the backbone of culture, the gatekeeper of humanity, the fabric of our very existence. It is the voice of expression, the embodiment of creativity, and the essence of individuality. Music knows no prejudice. It affects our consciousness regardless of race, gender, or religion. If you’re up or if you’re down, music is there for you. It is a global language, bridging gaps larger than continents and oceans. The world is changing, and change is always accompanied by a degree of fear. Let music be a comfort. Whether you need something to smile to, cry to, or just get down and dirty on the dance floor to, dig into your catalog and let the music take control. And when it is time for getting down and dirty on the dance floor, there’s no better band to do it with than The Black Seeds.

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Brian Nelson a.k.a. Red Ninja is passionate about making music, making friends, experiencing life and living to tell the tale. Whether dropping heavy dub beats, cruising untouched Rocky Mountain powder, or talking shop about the music biz, Nelson’s approach is pure ninja.

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