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First Listen Premiere: Get ’em Wet – Hang Loose (With Bumpin Uglies)

What do you get when, on a whim, you send your freshly recorded song to Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin’ Uglies, because you’re confident his voice would complement the track? For Tom Blake and Jesse Anderson, the duo known as Get ‘Em Wet from York, PA, what was received was unexpected. Brandon graciously wrote and sang a verse for the track. The outcome? An incredibly fun, upbeat, sunny reggae collaboration titled “Hang Loose” with nothing but feel good, summertime vibes.

Tom and Jesse were neighbors for years before becoming friends in 2008. Tom laughs as he recalls the beginning of their friendship, saying, “We started hanging out, doin’ stupid stuff, and getting in trouble.” Tom has always played the guitar, but says he “wasn’t that great.” Through a shared passion for music and jokingly writing and singing songs with Jesse, Get ‘Em Wet was formed in 2011. Tom mentions their band name was inspired by a line in from Pulp Fiction, a movie that both he and Jesse are fans of.

“One day we were messing around and decided to write a funny song.” A few more comical songs were created and shared among friends at parties. People loved the sound, but yearned for lyrics that held more gravity. Tom and Jesse decided to embrace their talent by putting their own lighthearted nature into more serious subjects. “I would say we mostly try to create feel good/cloud lifting music! That being said, though, we aren’t afraid to tackle heavier subjects like death or depression and put our own positive spin on it!” A highly mentionable single of theirs, released in 2022, “The Otherside,” is a seamless example of this.

While listening to their newest single “Hang Loose,” you will undoubtedly be reminded to take it easy through the chaotic and overwhelming times life bestows upon us. This song delivers a significant message in a joyful, carefree way. Life’s turmoil doesn’t last forever. “Hang Loose” evokes the positivity we all often pursue:

Take my time, gotta fix it alright. Not too tight, but not too loose. Keep it on the bright side, what ya’ gotta’ do. Let it hang loose.

It’s all about your mentality and perception when life throws rough moments our way. A well-known saying is used in “Hang Loose” and it is now nestled deep down in my soul. While many of us have heard some version of this before, it resonates a little deeper in this song. No matter how horrific a situation is, strive to navigate the treacherous journey with a positive stance.

Life give me lemons, right now I make lemonade.

Simplicity flows throughout the track between electric and acoustic guitars interwoven with head bobbing worthy keys and percussion. The mellowness of the drums and bass assist in delivering a truly laidback tune that will become a necessity for any summer playlist.

Get ‘Em Wet has the intent as artists to spread fun, feel good vibes through their music. “We just want to write the best songs we can and enjoy the process along the way” Tom shares. They will be releasing 2-3 singles over the next few months leading up to their first album release in June 2023.

The guys don’t want to take full credit for this soon to be summer hit and want to give a big thank you to Brandon Hardesty from Bumpin’ Uglies for jumping on the track without any hesitation. They also want to give their gratitude to Chuck-D for blessing the song. They humbly thank each and every person who listens and shares their music, as well.

If you are in the Bedford, PA area, you can catch Get ‘Em Wet performing at Weekend at Wolfies, an all-ages camping music festival, June 8-10.

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Brooke Ashley is from Central California. She has a tremendous passion for writing and reggae music. When she isn’t working her full-time, part-time, and side jobs, you can find her in nature. She enjoys hiking, the solace of the earth, and the beauty in the silence. She is a mom of three children and advocates for Mental Health Awareness through reggae music. She knows how reggae music and the community have literally saved her life. She wants to spread that feeling of belonging and acceptance throughout the world.

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