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First Listen: One Culture – Take Control feat. Tony Brand of Cultivated Mind

“Evil is the Disease and all greed is a Contagion,

Love is the Antidote and Unity is the Foundation”

These lyrics set the vibe for “Take Control,” the new single from Virginia Beach’s One Culture. Featuring Tony Brand of Cultivated Mind, this latest release is characterized by polished production, smooth horns and an all-around laid back vibe, backing up a message of optimistic positivity. According to One Culture frontman Kurt Jansohn:

“Take Control is about the impact mankind has not just on this earth but what impact people have on each other. Each individual person has the power to change the world for the better.”

It is this sort of socially focussed message that connects the music of One Culture to the roots of reggae music. Understanding the challenges of the people and offering an uplifting outlet for the listener to gain the momentum to keep on working hard toward a better world and a better self. As the world continues to grow it also continues to get smaller, and with the spread of global information the influence we have on each other blurs the lines between the different civilizations of the planet. The belief is that unity will overcome divisiveness, that our differences will give us strength, will make us one culture.

One Culture’s latest single “Take Control” featuring Tony Brand of Cultivated Mind will be available across all major platforms Friday, February 22.

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