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First Listen: Jah9 – Heaven (Ready Fi Di Feeling)

What a pleasure it is to be a reggae fan at the time of a great Jamaican roots reggae revival. Today Jah9 is back with “Heaven (Ready Fi Di Feeling),” a track that’s as equally conscious as it is bangin’, released on VP Records.  

Jah9 never hesitates to convey an unwavering message; to me this latest single is about the work we must do to achieve the right state of mind. We are all capable of getting there—the energy is inside us guiding us. But once we achieve the right state of mind, the battle is not over. We have to work on actually staying there, despite being constantly bombarded, both externally and internally in life. My favorite lyrics here are “I don’t know when / I let this voice of dissent / come in and mess with my head / When I’m so naturally blessed.” We are all tested all the time.

As a musician and songwriter, one of the things Jah9 succeeds at is delivering a range of feelings, from soft and contemplative to heavy-hitting. This track is on the heavier end and I encourage you to listen to it with the bass turned up! Pocket backbeat and gospel style vocal harmonies reminiscent of decades past will fix you into the groove. Let the resounding call of the horns ring you into alignment, delivering the courage to reach for a brighter day. “Heaven” is a seamless blend of old and new, exhibiting the timeless nature of Jah9’s musical quality and message.

I believe heaven is a present state of mind, and the right music can help you figure out how to get there.

Jah9’s latest single “Heaven (Ready Fi Di Feeling)” will be available across all digital platforms November 30. Follow Jah9 to keep track of all her latest releases and news.

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Kayla joined Rootfire after following this music around the country for years. She has been hosting reggae radio shows in Madison since 2010. Her newest installment is '2 DUB', Saturday nights at 10pm on 89.9 WORT FM. She is the 4x winner of 'DJ of the Year' at the Madison Area Music Awards. You can follow her on social media at: @djkaylakush

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