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First Listen: Iakopo – My Revolution

Round synth lead and punctuated keys skank kicks off “My Revolution,” the new single from pop reggae artist Iakopo. The message is clear: the time for a revolution is now, and Iakopo is sounding the alarm for us all to begin. And given the amount of international exposure he has seen, this is clearly a global message.

Iakopo declares Maui, Hawaii as his hometown, but his musical career has taken him far and wide from this island abode. Yet islands seem to be a theme for Kopo; he spent a formative chunk of his childhood in Samoa and his musical career has seen him based both in Japan and Jamaica. This international perspective has been pinpointed into Iakopo’s blend of island reggae music, skillfully displayed in his latest release “My Revolution.”

The world is ripe for change, and with change comes a reaffirmation of values. In the face of divisive leadership, now more than ever it is time to stand for what you believe in, to vocalize your truth, to take ownership of your own, personal revolution. In Iakopo’s words:

“They want to keep our minds locked in a small box. They don’t want unity they want us all fighting.”

Take a stand and ring the alarm – it’s time for a revolution.

Iakopo’s upcoming album Waves is due for release February 1, 2019 on Island Empire/Mensch House Records. Pre-order your copy today.

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