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First listen: HIRIE on Satsang – The Story of You (full album premiere)

Hearing, “Sorry if I butchered that” cracked me up first thing this morning at the San Diego Airport. A genuine attempt by the gate attendant to pronounce several Hawaiian surnames left me a bit more reflective and anxious than before about returning home to Hawai’i Nei. I miss the dialect and familiar sounds that start to feel like an odd, distant memory when too many years go by without a visit. It’s as if I can feel my childhood self, disoriented at the thought of only getting to spend 96 hours together, screaming for me to come and stay home. For 10 years I roamed the land and floated the open waters that made me an island girl for

Channeling out the intercom I welcome Satsang warmly to my senses. I’m instantly drawn to the familiar style of singing that devours island radio; caught off guard by harmonic elements similar to that of Ooklah The Moc in “All For One”. I like this! Drew’s vocal performance brings me back to jamming at He’eia pier in Kahalu’u on a school night. Like your typical teenage rebel, I once trotted around the city with friends humored at the thought of following police curfews and parental guidance. Magic happened when we lived this way. Unfazed by the rising or falling of the sun we lived by the generationally engrained belief that life is most enjoyed at the edge of the water. And at the heart of this lifestyle, is an undeniable desire for playing and enjoying live music.

In Satsang I’m hearing influences like Trevor Hall – the melodic style is so inviting and always welcome to my ears. Spinning around musical textiles, hooks and conscious lyrics, I find there is much to look forward to in the rest of this album. As I watch the first class travelers begin to form an organized line beside me at the gate, I allow myself to fall deeper into a musically induced trance. Row 30 is a way’s away, good vibes are presently accounted for, and I’m almost home.

Release Date: March 25, 2016
Title: The Story of You

Pre-Order: Physical


* “The Story of You” (full album) is an exclusive Rootfire World Premiere.

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Satsang Tour Dates:

March 25 Billings, MT Pub Station

March 26 Bozeman, MT The Filling Station

April 10 Bismarck, ND Laughing Sun Brewing Co.

April 14 Ames, IA DG’s Tap House

April 15 Iowa City, IA Yacht Club

April 16 Des Moines, IA Wooly’s

April 17 Chicago, IL Tonic Room

July 14-17 North Plains, OR Northwest String Summit

Never likely to fit in the box, HIRIE’s approach to creating and experimenting with reggae music is worth buying into.
As her debut album, self- titled HIRIE, made clear, the newest female sensation to the West Coast reggae scene was out to make waves with an unshakable passion for writing music and performing.

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