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First Listen: Earth to Clark -“Good Times”

Beloit, Wisconsin. Through the concrete and crime blossoms something beautiful. Built on love, on friendship, on family. This is the music of Earth to Clark, rising through the darkness to shine a light on the community. A kaleidoscopic flower with strong roots. Sharing potent messages of love through music, and sending you the motivation to keep going.

The EP Growing Pains will be released on April 16th. The first song, “Good Times”, sets the mood. It is an introduction to what this band is about. A funky, glorious mix of reggae and hip hop. 

When all this craziness is over, imagine being at a dimly lit bar in the Midwest. Eclectic signs all over the walls, license plates, the glow of neon from a vintage drink advertisement. Some folks are left over from the dinner rush—they have already paid their bill, but remain seated at their table because a band has set up on stage and they’re curious about the sound. You walk into the room and look around. There are friends you know, waiting for the show to start, and friendly acquaintances standing by. The house lights go out, the stage lights up in blue, red, and green. The bass begins to play and you find yourself moving a little closer, making the ice cubes clink in your glass, and you are warming up to the sound. You look over and see your best friend at your side. She smiles. Maybe you are ready to dance. Maybe you can join me there sometime. 


Pre-order Growing Pains – EP on iTunes!


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Kayla joined Rootfire after following this music around the country for years. She has been hosting reggae radio shows in Madison since 2010. Her newest installment is '2 DUB', Saturday nights at 10pm on 89.9 WORT FM. She is the 4x winner of 'DJ of the Year' at the Madison Area Music Awards. You can follow her on social media at: @djkaylakush

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