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First Listen: Dustin Thomas – The Kingdom + On Tour Supporting John Butler Trio

The music of Dustin Thomas is rooted in message. This is a writer and performer who takes his role as a voice with an audience seriously. With a month of tour stops opening for international favorites John Butler Trio kicking off tonight, that audience is looking to do nothing but grow for Thomas, whose new single “The Kingdom” is due out November 17. The message of this latest release?

“It’s time to save the human race—we’re going to save the human race.”

“The Kingdom” depicts our current global landscape, touching on the struggles felt by the human species as a whole and providing a beacon of hope that we will overcome these obstacles, despite the shortcomings of current political leadership. Deep, resonating hand percussion roots the listener on this sparse instrumental arrangement as finger-picked acoustic guitar and fleeting lead swells tie together the foundation of the track, leaving a spacious sonic scape for Thomas’ impactful lyrics to cut through.

Take a look at Dustin Thomas’ persona and it instantly becomes apparent that this artist is all about the love. Given the depth of his lyrics, and his candid ability to write about topics that others shy away from, to see the power of positivity and human-to-human connection driving his creativity is simply inspirational. In an era of false information and fake news, the world is gifted a messenger of truth and insight, and his name is Dustin Thomas.

Dustin Thomas’ latest single “The Kingdom” will be available on all digital platforms November 17. Catch him supporting John Butler Trio on their current US tour.

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