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First Listen: Dub Apocalypse – Dubstroke (Lockdown Remix)

The remix is my favorite art from. It’s no surprise that the very concept is a derivative from the Jamaican dub experience. Here we have Dub Apocalypse getting THE treatment from legendary long time associate Matt Saccuccimorano who mixed DA drummer Tommy Benedetti’s foundational American reggae group, John Brown’s Body, on two of their greatest records, Kings & Queens and Spirits All Around Us.

Dub Apocalypse is comprised of some of the best reggae practitioners alive. Their mission of diving deep into the catalogues of Jamaican dub with the improvisational methods of a bop quintet have given an oceans worth of depth to their originals – solidifying the deepest and darkest layers of the dub side of the universe. This remix of “Sunstroke” from their 2018 album, Frozen Planet, is going beyond the mirror image and further into the drum and bass soundscapes pleasentrified by the shofar-like dueling sax melody played by Morphine’s Dana Colley on baritone and Timo Shanko on tenor. Saccuccimorano’s love of Portishead and the lower sleeker tones lends to a primal-yet-electronic way forward, through a meditative 6-plus minutes of dub, passing by triumphantly colored bridges and low down sun bleached valleys. Pushing “Sunstroke” through Saccuccimorano’s sonic lens was something drummer Tommy Benedetti specifically wanted to do during these dark times of quarantine. All on the foundation of a rockstone heartbeat. This is what we need to reflect y’all. Consider it a resource. Big up.

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Bass player and songwriter for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, James feels, plays and lives the music. Lucky for us he also has the knack for remembering what happened and writing it down in his own voice.

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