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Death By Dub


Genre: Dub Reggae
Hometown: Denver, CO
Years Active: (2018–present)


Dan Africano: Bass
Scott Flynn: Trombone
Drew Sayers: Tenor Sax
Jonny Jyemo: Drums
Jeff Franca: Drums
Neal Evans: Percussion
Ryan Jalbert: Guitar
Mike Tallman: Guitar
Wylie Jones: Organ, Piano
Eric Luba: Organ
Russ Friedell: Organ


Managers: Dan,
Booking Agents: Dan,
Publicists: Curtis Bergeson,



Drawing influence from dub-heavy producers Lee Perry and King Tubby and iconic reggae instrumentalists Tommy McCook and Rico Rodriguez, Dan Africano and Scott Flynn have formed a group in reverence of these pioneering artists. They have recruited a roster of musical collaborators with an equal passion for dub and reggae to create and showcase the music they have grown to love, including former John Brown’s Body bandmates and others in the Denver music community.

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