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First Watch: DENM – Blow It Up

In the words of DENM, Southern California is “not all Beverly Hills and Malibu. It’s tough and you gotta learn to be tough to make it.” DENM’s latest single, “Blow It Up,” takes us to the seedier side of SoCal in a cool-rolling party anthem that embodies the rough and tough… Read More

Editor’s Note: The Great Jah Stitch

Jah Stitch died a few weeks ago.  

It seems a safe bet to assume that most people, even “reggae fans,” have never heard of Jah Stitch. I don’t want this to be a biography. You can look him up on Google, or learn all about… Read More

Death by Dub: Denver’s Latest Dub to Devour

Denver has been a growing hotspot for reggae over the last handful of years. And given the abundance of venues and a crowd that can legally self-medicate it’s no wonder that some of the country’s top musicians are now calling the mile-high city home.… Read More