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In the long revered Jamaican style of multiple artists voicing over the same instrumental, the Cali Roots Riddim is an instrumental written by Collie Buddz and produced by Johnny Cosmic, featuring 21 different artists (“versions”) including Yellowman, Anthony B, The Movement, SOJA, Gentleman, Jesse Royal, Common Kings and more.

Bridging the gap between old and new school reggae is an ongoing effort for almost everybody who works in this corner of the music industry, and Cali Roots Festival has been leading that charge for 11 years and counting. In partnership with Ineffable Records, the Cali Roots Riddim blends a unique mixture of respect for traditions with the modern tools that have helped newer reggae artists become international superstars.

“We have 21 artists from around the world all pushing the album together and promoting each other’s music” says VP of Ineffable Records, Adam Gross, who spearheaded the project. “Our plan is for this to be the first of many projects like this, and we’re so thankful for all the artists who trusted our vision.”

Listen to the full compilation here…

Reid was born and raised in Sacramento, CA, and first connected with Rootfire in 2011 while living and working in New Zealand with The Black Seeds worldwide team. Before that he was the drummer of a folk-rock group called 2Me. Today he manages some of our favorite bands and oversees all operations of Rootfire.

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