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Be Bold – Be Rare

It seems like everywhere you go these days, you find yourself in the midst of mass consumption. Where people are just hurrying to wait and you only see the backs of their heads because they are too busy staring down at their phones; eagerly anticipating that next comment, the next like, taking digital strides toward social greatness, which ironically isn’t very social at all. I think we need more opportunities to look up. To look up and see more than just ourselves, our profiles, we need to see other people’s smiles. We’re desperate for opportunities to close our eyes and dream. We need to move beyond cyber affection and share something real with someone within a 3-foot radius.

Connection is so rare these days but music is the constant we can depend on to bridge the gap between the loners and the life of the party. That’s what Rarebreed wanted to do with this summer sampler. We envisioned this music bringing people together from back yard BBQ’s to jamming in parking lots as people wait to get into their favorite shows. These songs haven’t only allowed us to connect to incredible artists but incredible community builders like our friends at Rootfire and Easy Star Records. The Rarebreed team is so grateful for community and connection because with out our friends we’d be dancing alone. The greatest manifestation of art and worship is when we share the incredible gift of music with those around us. So this summer be bold! Pick your head up, ask some one to dance, share with them your new favorite song or your new favorite band.

Obi Fernandez of Rarebreed Recording Company

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Obi is the lead singer of Boston based ska band Westbound Train, as well as the co-founder of Rare Breed Recording Company.

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