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#Throwback Thursday – Serge Gainsbourg – Aux Armes et caetera (1979)

Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Aux Armes et caetera’ (Aux) is this weeks #ThrowbackThursday featured album. In 2005 Aux was my introduction to Gainsbourg’s catalogue, a collection which I have had a hard time digging much deeper into than casual listens to his recordings with Jane Birkin.

If Aux was nothing more than an instrumental recording it would still stand out. The Revolutionaries with Sly Dunbar on drums and Robbie Shakespeare on bass provide a strong backdrop to Aux with the drum sounds being especially remarkable. There is an unmistakable intelligent foresight to the arrangements that shines, and is complemented by Gainsbourg’s patient, never forced vocals.

I have been looking for a vinyl copy of the album for the last few months and found one on Monday at Deep Grooves in Richmond, VA. Although the LP was not a first pressing, this 180 gram’s gem from 2009 will still be in great shape for my children to enjoy. Blah.

Have a listen to the album below and also check out the 2001 dub session video featuring Soljie! As soon as I saw the video I called up Soljie and asked if he any recordings of these dubs. I have yet to find them anywhere and still ask Soljie about it every no and again. If you have a copy I would love to listen….. Please hit me up…. (for real).

Aux Armes et caetera on Wikipedia

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