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Seth founded Rootfire while he was managing a group of influential modern reggae acts, including The Green, John Brown’s Body, and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. The goal of the project has always been to connect the people who participate in the modern reggae movement.

Dancehall and the Golden Hearts Tour

There is an aura of confidence in the air, and smiles on faces like when you are handing out a gift you know they are going to love. The album is banging and the live show being rehearsed is bigger- it sounds thick, forward, and direct.… Read More

Golden and the Story of the Cooperative

Part I

Jay Smiles answered the phone, picking up right where he left off….but this was the first time we had ever spoken. A few days earlier Jay had left me a panic-driven yet endearing voicemail; before the message had ended, I had already made up my mind.… Read More

Modern Magic

Part 1.

Three years ago yesterday I sent a message to the Rootfire email list offering to give away a piece of audio equipment. The list was in its infancy with 35 people total (today it’s around 3,600).

This was the message:

APC 40 Giveaway Details – Feb 2, 2013
We hope to… Read More