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I’m a photographer and storyteller based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area. I was born in Mexico and was raised in Los Angeles. Both my parents are photographers so I was around cameras from a very early age. Photography is the tool that allows me to connect to the world. I believe that each person and moment has an essence that can be captured through a camera. I'm passionate in my work about profiling the edges of culture. Through some of my portraits, I unveil stories of those who live in the shadows of our society. Meanwhile, embedded on tour, I have the privilege of revealing intimate moments in the lives of some of the most visible musical performers of today. I typically carry a camera wherever I go, but when I’m not shooting, you can find me reading, watching documentaries and spending time with my loved ones.

Change and Transitions: A Photo Essay

I once read that “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” As a photographer and most importantly as a human first, I’ve come to a point where existential questions play a crucial role in my daily life.… Read… Read More

Tony Ray – Photo Feature

Tony Ray is a man of few words. “What’s up Josué” he says with a friendly voice every time I see him, then he smiles and continues with what he is doing. Always with a high level of respect. A true gentleman.… Read More

Preserving Moments on Fujifilm Instax

I took the initiative to preserve certain moments with my Fujifilm Instax. As a photographer it is important to understand the value of slowing down and "seeing" your subject, getting only one shot allows you to do that. I proudly present to you some of those glimpses of calmness… Read More

Cali Roots 2015. A Poem

Some say it takes a village; I agree. Everyone in a community has a role and when we practice that role to the best of our abilities great things happen. Fortunately my role at Cali Roots 2015 was to document the overall experience and preserve it through the photos I… Read More