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Las Vegas resident Jackie Pasqua is a writer, masters student, and lover of reggae music. Few things bring her more joy than seeing her favorite bands live. When she isn’t working on five different projects at once, you can find her playing Catan, exploring nearby National Parks, or napping with her cats.

Album Showcase: Steppadelic – “Overcome”

Every Tuesday, in an unassuming house on a quiet street in the suburbs of Las Vegas, a group of musicians comes together to practice and write. Despite the inevitable conflicts that arise with ten different schedules, the guys of Steppadelic take their craft seriously, carving out this sacred time… Read More

Women in Reggae: Kirsty Rock

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kirsty Rock, known for her work in Trumystic in the 90s, as well as her legendary vocals with Easy Star All Stars. The voice behind Easy Star All Stars’ legendary cover of “The… Read More