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Don’t Rush the [Album] Release

Learning curve. It’s a term we all know. But learning how to say, replace the power steering pump in a truck, or the hard drive in a laptop is different than learning how to bring your art, your lifeblood, your essence to the world.… Read More

Floralorix – Arise (Rootfire Premiere)

When I started work on Floralorix’s album, their commitment was immediately obvious. It was manifested both in their pure love of classic reggae but, perhaps most importantly, in their intent to sound honest, with just the right amount of unusual creativity along the way.Read… Read More

Billboard feature on Rootfire Cooperative

When American reggae band The Movement’s sixth album Golden topped the Reggae Albums chart for the week of April 30, it was a testament to their supportive fan base, earned through years of consistent touring, and a triumph for an alternative to the traditional record label structure.… Read… Read More

Miami Dub Section – Revival Dub Volume 3

About: Jah Blem Muzik is a Roots Reggae Dub Selector & Curator with a mission to document the Modern Roots Era. Today, we feature a special guest post from by Jah Blem with a focus on Revival Dub Volume 3, the latest of his excellent Mixtape series.… Read More