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RIZE OF THE MORNING STAR A Free West Papua Movement!

West Papua is a country in waiting, located approx 150 Kilometers north of Australia it is the western half of the island of New Guinea where the Indigenous peoples have been living for more than 50,000 years. For over 50 years the West Papuan people have been under brutally oppressed… Read More

D:Rock – Vinyl Roots Mix

I love vinyl and its deep seeded influence on Hip-Hop, Reggae, and EDM culture.

I got hooked on collecting and consuming records when I came across the underground electronic dance culture in the mid 90’s. Witnessing countless DJ’s curate amazing soundtracks was truly life changing.… Read More

Troy Wiggins of Roots Of A Rebellion on Iseo & Dodosound

In 1935, an American radio station, XERA, was established just over the border of Mexico. With signal strength of one million combined watts, local ranchers quickly realized that the signal could be picked up through their barbed-wire fencing. June Carter Cash of the legendary Carter Family once told how… Read More

Na’an Stop – open yourself up to the moment.

Editors Note: We strive to share stories that come directly from within the scene. This week we have a special feature from David Halvorson, Jr., reflecting on his band Na’an Stop’s most recent recording experience with producer Danny Kalb. The session included an unexpected visit from Hirie, who recorded vocals for her… Read More