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Announcing Rootfire At The Park – Cocoa, FL (RF 003)

A limited amount of Local Appreciation general admission tickets are available now. Once sold out, ticketing will open to the general public at the special Early Bird Fee of $35

 GET $35 Early Bird TICKETS NOW!

Part 1A. History

Events that Rove: Places to play, eat, drink, dance and most importantly, to be yourself.

Rootfire Soundclash (RF 001)
RF 001 was a late night “sound clash” in a 300-person club off the main drag in Monterey, CA. Bringing musicians from several of the American Reggae scene’s most active bands together into one super group for one set of music.  The show included members of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, The Expanders, The Green, and Westbound Train.  

Rootfire At The Beach (RF 002)
RF 002 took place on the golf course grounds and lawn overlooking Avila Beach, CA. It was a full day of music from Stephen Marley, Collie Buddz, The Movement, and Expanders Sound System, and the sun set slowly behind the stage as Tribal Seeds finished their set. 3,000 people joined us. We focused on making the day friendly for everyone, with our first pickup soccer game, a dedicated kids and game zone, kites, and free water. 

Part 1B. Future

Rootfire At The Park – a music & lifestyle festival (RF 003)
RF 003 is a new chapter. We are returning to the east coast, a little closer to home for many of us, with the intention of weaving elements of our everyday lives into this event. Think riding bicycles, playing pickup soccer, and eating local food, all within the context of the music we love and the community we are trying to create. It is also an official stop on the Rootfire Soccer Garden Party Tour.


Part 2.  What can you bring to the music, and what can it bring to you?

We announce Rootfire At The Park, a music & lifestyle festival with the promise of exceptional music and thoughtful details that make a day outside better. Things like free sunscreen, games, and discounted tickets if you ride your bicycle or rideshare with your friends. We are highlighting craft vendors who create thoughtful food, and local vendors who keep the energy close to home.

In the beverage world, we extend the term craft to not only cover quality beer and wine, but to also offer a place to enjoy other beverages ranging from kombucha to kava kava, and beyond.

Part 3. Join Here

Perks –

You will be the first to be offered early bird ticket pricing, VIP packages, and of course the music lineup (which will announce in the coming weeks).

What else do you get for joining?

We will send you a new unreleased Rootfire Mixtape before it goes live anywhere else. …..

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Part 4:  What could Rootfire At The Park look like?

Version One: Seth’s Perfect Day – a way of seeing the future.

I woke up early and put on a pot of coffee just as my friends stepped out of the tents they had pitched in our backyard. We have not seen each other since college; some have kids now, some do not. Regardless, it’s been too long since a morning like this and it feels good to see each other again. We all gather, wipe the sleep from our eyes, and dive into a pile of blueberry pancakes. The morning feels bright.

I take my time getting ready, put on sunscreen, and check my bike tires. After a short ride, I pull up to Riverfront Park, lock up my bike in the Bike Lot, and head in.

It’s almost noon. The music hasn’t started yet but the lawn is buzzing with activity. I came early to play soccer and settle in before everyone else arrives. As I sit on the grass to stretch, I remember that I am outside.

A few people step onto the field. As we begin to pass the ball, my touch comes back quickly. Soccer has been part of my life since I was a kid, and I got serious about it the same time I fell in love with reggae music listening to “Buffalo Soldier.” As we casually pass the ball, a few more folks join in and suddenly it’s 5v5 with small goals, and carefree play.

For the next few hours, our unofficial team officially calls itself the “Giant Pandas.” We cool off on the splash pad between games, chug coconut water, and talk easily, like we have known each other for a long time. It’s our Soccer Garden Party- we are building it, creating the vibe and meditating within the riddim of the game.

Later that afternoon the pitch gives way to a succession of blankets and umbrellas, and it is transformed back into the concert field. The first band takes the stage and the dancing begins. I can feel the bass line in my chest, and I begin to smile, soaking in the energy from the people and music around me. I have been looking forward to seeing this band since hearing a live session they did on SiriusXM’s The Joint earlier this summer, and until now all their tour dates were in California and the North East. Today they are here. I am here.

It’s 3:00 pm. Everything that has happened today, from pancakes with friends to pickup soccer and now dancing, would have been enough, but there is so much more and it feels like it is just starting. It is just starting. Three more bands have yet to take the stage, and the sun is still high in the sky.

Part 4. Questions and Answers:

Q: I have a food truck and want to vend at Rootfire- how do I do that?

A: Tell us about yourself and your business with an email: rootfire @

Q: I am a soccer player, and you keep talking about soccer, but I don’t know what type of soccer game you have in mind- is this a thing for high-level players, or casual players etc.?

A: We are going to send out a soccer-specific schedule and announcement in the coming weeks. The general vibe is that we will set up pop-up goals, chalk some lines, and create an active pickup soccer area on the concert grounds before the first band performs on the main stage. We are also looking into the possibility of connecting with you for a full-sided co-ed 11v11 game the evening before the festival. If you want to get involved and shape the direction of the soccer element send an email to: rootfire @ and let’s make it better.

Q: How much are tickets? When do gates open? What bands are playing? Can I bring drinks and food into the festival grounds with me?

A: Those are all great questions. Before we go live with any tickets to the festival, we will post a full list of FAQs about the event. This includes a list of what you can and can’t bring into the venue, door times, and of course what bands are performing.

Q: Will the bicycle parking area have an attendant on duty watching over my Bridgestone XO-1?

A: First- excellent choice of bicycle. If anyone is riding an XO-1 let me know and I will give you free tickets just for a chance to look at that bike in person. Second- we are going to reach out to some local bicycle advocates and see how we can get them involved to help create an awesome bicycle parking experience. Maybe this means an attendant, demo bikes to check out in the area, a cool dog that you can say hello to, or fresh fruit for bikers. Maybe it means a bicycle train that departs after the festival to help you get home safe. The bicycle parking and all around general bicycle plan hits close to home and has a wide-reaching benefit for communities as a whole. The more people on bikes, the better the world is, so let’s make a promise to have the bike element of Rootfire be RAD, inviting, and safe. If you have ideas or want to be part of it please send an email to: rootfire @

Q: Talk to us about Yoga. Is this like Yoga when the bands are sound checking? I want to salute the sun, but I get self-conscious when I hear someone repeating “mic check 1-2” through the sound system.

A: I have been thinking about that a lot- just mentioning Yoga creates a lot of questions about what kind of yoga, when, what will the vibe be like, etc.

Here is what I know- we will reach out to local Yoga studios to ask for feedback about how they think we can best run Yoga at this event. Maybe that means that we open the gates earlier for people who are coming for Yoga, and let them have some quiet time in their practice before other events begin. It might also mean starting the day earlier off-site, perhaps in some of these studios, or at the beach for Yoga sessions with other folks who are going to the festival that day. My wife is a Yoga teacher, and she has traveled the country with me- attending different festivals, concerts, and events. Before we ever listed Yoga as part of Rootfire, I asked her if she would help us set this up in a way that resembles the overall Rootfire experience, and she agreed. So with her help, and help from studios in and around Cocoa, FL, combined with any thoughts you have, (email rootfire @ we will build a Yoga experience that feels right, and we invite you to be part of it.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: Say hello and tell us about yourself. Get involved: rootfire @

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Seth founded Rootfire while he was managing a group of influential modern reggae acts, including The Green, John Brown’s Body, and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. The goal of the project has always been to connect the people who participate in the modern reggae movement.

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