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A Photo is Worth 1000 Songs – Best Friend

A series exploring photos, words, and songs.
Photos: Arik Solberg
Words: Dave Shiffman
Songs: ♫ on Spotify


Your love is pure and unconditional. I feel it in the excitement you display when I return to our home, how you constantly long for my affection, how you never leave my side when we’re together.

Your loyalty is unparalleled. I see it in your obedience, the way you watch me with purpose, poised for duty, waiting for a sound or a sign from me to dictate your next action.

You are my scout, my guardian, my constant companion.

Your lust for life delights me and reminds me to appreciate the moments our freedom allows.

Feeling the wind blow over our faces as we truck down the highway, your head thrust out the window of course.

Running through the snow with reckless abandon, chasing a critter just for fun.

Jumping into a lake on a hot day and taking a little swim.

Lounging by the fire on a cold night.

A snooze in the sunshine, basking in the warmth of the late afternoon sun.

I feel at peace when I see you sleeping deeply at my feet, not a care in the world. Your little cries at feeding time make me feel needed. During the darker, more challenging times that I’ve battled through, you gave me purpose and validation.

Partners have come and gone and come and stayed, but you have been there throughout, unwavering, accepting, an integral part of who I am.

Thank you, my friend, for bringing my life greater richness, depth and joy. You are perfection, a blessing, and I will be forever grateful for knowing you.

Boat Dog_Jus



Hiker Tongue_Jaz


Jus, Cuppy Cake, El Reyo, Jasmine_aka The Band

“The Band” aka Jus, Cuppy Cake, El Reyo, Jasmine

Mirror Longshot_Jus

Nose to Nose_Jus and a Wolf we met in Nederland

Jus and a wolf we met in Nederland



Tongue_El Reyo

El Reyo

Dave is the author of "The Cosmic Burrito", a tale of two friends who drive across the USA in search of the ultimate burrito. In the past, he has written for various music publications and interviewed a range of artists including Sublime, Everclear, Burning Spear, Big Mountain, Bad Brains, Neal Casal and Lucky Dube. Dave has a deep passion for reggae music, Rasta consciousness and island culture. In reggae circles, he goes by the name "Rootsdude," and he has dubbed his extensive music collection “Rootsdude Sound System.” David plays ice hockey weekly for two recreational teams he founded and manages, Team Rasta and The Wailers.