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Women In Reggae – Patricia Chin aka Miss Pat of VP Records

Imagine living in Jamaica during the birth of reggae music. Like a fire igniting, the island had its own sound, a product of the unique time and place, of all the circumstances that brought Jamaicans to where they were—overcoming unimaginable suffering, uniting in hope and reclaiming their independence and identity.women-in-reggae-patricia-chin-aka-miss-pat-of-vp-records/" class="read-more">Read More

Women In Reggae – Hollie Cook


ing">With her new album Vessel of Love dropping today on Merge RecordsHollie Cook once again presents to the world a fresh dose of her distinctive brand of reggae-infused tropical pop. Working with producer Martin ‘Youth’ Glover, Cook’s third full length album delivers with deep, stratified arrangements showcasing the vocal prowess of the West-London native.women-in-reggae-hollie-cook/" class="read-more">Read More

Women In Reggae – Jah9

How can I even begin to describe someone like Jah9? She is not just a musician, but a poet, and her work is immensely important to the world we live in today.

I will never forget riding in a car with two of my strong female friends, when I first heard Jah9’s song “Greatest Threat to the Status Quo.” Goosebumps formed on my skin; I couldn’t believe how very true, how relevant, and how impactful this tune was.… women-in-reggae-jah9/" class="read-more">Read More