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Building Rootfire

Web presence:

Authentic content
Content produced by musicians and people working in the scene

Rootfire is in the unique position to build into a multimillion dollar business.
We will do this through

Partnering with national and regional promoters to produce events

Producing packaged tours
Selling advertising on the website and through email blasts
Selling physical advertising at our events and events we will have a presence at

Income streams:
Live Events
Rootfire At The Beach
Rootfire At The Lake
Rootfire In The Mountains
Rootfire In The Desert

Marketing, Promotion, Advertising
Cali Roots, Dry Diggings, Reggae on The Block etc
Club shows
Catalyst, Highline, Greek Theatre(s) etc
Easy Star, ATO, VP etc
Media: Photos & Video
Recorded Music:

Producing Compilation albums
Record Label for non-Cooperative Artists
Online Store for Multiple products
Currently hosting stores for Panda, The Movement. Wes fulfills the merch, Jason handles artist statements, and Rootfire take’s a % for having the store
Online Store for Rootfire products
Pre-sales campaign for physical albums
“Preorder now at iTunes, Amazon, Rootfire”